One Step At A Time

3 month already
and 3 weeks again for final 
wish me luck guys . full hapiness living here.
3 weeks again nak spend time dgn budak pst...hmm
setiap pertemuan itu pasti ada perpisahan =')
redha dengan segalanya..allah know best for us =')

keep calm and get ready for pspm 
and here my latest picture hehe

here family DK2P2 ..sporting 
dalam kelas sempat berselfie hehe tapi cikgu kat depan ...krik krik 

and thank you for this boy ! hehe what a lovely give
that candy and donut so yummy =')
and ofcourse runningman button too hehe

well, sometimes god removes people from our life to protect ours.
so don't run after them..god know best HE is the best writer ..
and most importance appreciate those who love you 
forget those who leave you.... dont ever look back there are many days to laugh
there are many suprise moment that you will have in future =')
 live happily 
Allah and Family first ! 

appreciate your life.stay pretty stay awesome ..xoxo

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